Food & Body Freedom

The Signature Program

Have you ever felt anxious around food? You consider yourself a chronic dieter. You’ve tried them all and nothing seems to stick. You feel like you lack willpower. You find yourself in a cycle of restriction and then binge eating your favorite foods. You just can’t trust yourself around certain foods. You find yourself eating to numb out emotions. This causes frustration, shame, anger, guilt and you feel like a failure. And after all that, you're still unhappy in your body!

I get it. I've been there.


What if you could feel free? What if you could feel in control around food instead of the other way around? What if you could finally feel confident in your body?

You are ready to break free from all the noise. You are ready to actually enjoy your favorite foods- without the guilt and without it turning into a binge. You are done wasting energy worrying about food and you’re ready to live your life. You are ready for health and life to feel easy. You want to actually feel nourished.


If any of that sounds like you,  then my signature program, Food & Body Freedom, was created just for you. 

The first step is to schedule a free clarity call. Together, we'll see if this program is right for you.

What to expect

  • Put an end to overeating and binge eating

  • Reclaim your power around food

  • Feel more natural, free, and easy around food

  • Learn the food and lifestyle habits that work for your unique body

  • Create easy, yet powerful habits that last a lifetime

  • Free up mental space and energy so you can live a life you love

Are you ready?

Cotton Candy Ice Cream


Currently doing health talks and workshops throughout the Boston area.

The most popular is Diets Fail, You Don't: 3 Steps to Finding Peace with Food

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