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Hello and welcome! My name is Melissa Mauricio and I'm a Transformational Coach specializing in Intuitive Eating.


I work with women who have anxiety around food, and I help them find peace with food so they can feel free and live a life they love. 


Hello and welcome! My name is Melissa Mauricio and I’m a Transformational Coach specializing in Intuitive Eating. I work with women who struggle with food, and I help them find peace with food so they can feel free and live a life they love.


After decades of struggling with my relationship with food, I was able to find the freedom, health and life I always wanted. I have made it my mission and life’s work to help others who have struggled with food or body image, find peace and reclaim their life.


As a young girl I examined my body in the mirror, wishing I could change it. In middle school I went on my very first diet, which quickly became an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting. Every time I lost control, I convinced myself that I was a failure and that I just needed to try harder. As time went on the cycles got more extreme. In college I developed an eating disorder and hit my low point. I felt trapped, hopeless, and isolated.


Healing was a journey for me and it changed my life- which is why this mission is so close to my heart. Healing set me free to live my life, without those inner voices. As a result, I became the healthiest and happiest version of myself.


When I’m not coaching you can find me teaching Barre3 in Massachusetts or at home with my life partner and our dog, Sophie.

3 Ways to Get Support

Reclaim Your Power Around Food

Peace with Food Community for Women

This free community is a place where you can find:

  • weekly trainings to help you create more peace around food

  • support and encouragement from other women on the same journey

  • resources to help you remove the blocks standing in your way

  • actionable steps you can take to create momentum for your journey

One on One Coaching

What to expect:

  • Put an end to overeating and binge eating

  • Reclaim your power around food

  • Feel more easy, free, and natural around food

  • Learn the food and lifestyle habits that work for your unique body

  • Create easy, yet powerful habits that last a lifetime

  • Free up mental space and energy so you can live a life you love

Green Frosting Cupcakes

The Balance Blueprint

A 60-minute session where I'll help you:

  • understand your specific eating patterns and what's keeping you out of balance

  • develop a plan for interrupting and coping with those patterns so you can create more balance around food

  • set up your conditions to thrive in a routine that works for you

"The best investment I have ever made. This was an investment in my happiness, my worth, my peace, and a brighter future than I could have imagined"

"Since working with Melissa I have had a complete paradigm shift in how I view food and my relationship with it....I feel like I've been given a second chance."

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